Female teams

Women formed female eSports teams in order to fight the existing discrimination towards their gender in the eSports scene. During the first years of their creation these teams were only playing in amateur level but today there are enough to fill female-only professional tournaments. Let me introduce you to some popular female teams.

“Go Ladies” is a popular Counter Strike (CS) female team. Considered among the most dedicated, these ladies are always the favorites to win female CS tournaments. They thrive due to their naturalness and their excellence in the art of communicating with their fans. Lead by Captain Melania "Gina" Mylioti, this team is destined to be a reference point in the world of female competition.

League of Legends (LoL), the most played video game in the world, could not miss the chance to have its own female background. The most famous of the female LoL teams is Team Siren. Some members of the community argue that they are more famous for their gender rather than their skills but since they achieved to be the most popular LoL female team it is up to you to decide:

Special tournaments are organised for these female teams from sponsors who wish to promote female gaming.

Internationale-Sports Federation (IeSF), one of the most popular eSports organisations, hosted its 2013 tournament with special competitions for women. The game titles included were StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm and Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Do you want to take a taste of women playing video games professionally? Watch a female team in action, as the Na Vi team competes and wins the Female Dota 2 Lan tournament in Kiev:

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